Point Pass SA 5374, Australia

Where Passion Meets Education

40 m x 20 m arena and lean-to-shed

Point Pass

Point Pass is a small town in the Mid North of South Australia, 120 kilometers North of Adelaide. Enjoy peace and quiet in a rural setting, hike the Lavender Federation Trail or have a fresh beer at the local pub.


The Camel Information Center comprises 20 acres of land, formerly used for cropping and grazing. Since 2013 the property was re-vegetated with > 2,000 indigenous shrubs and trees. Take a stroll and meet the wild life.


Laila, Ali and Jamahl are always happy to make new friends. It won't take long and they'll meet you at the fence sniffing thoroughly your face. When they've finished their examination they may allow you to pat their neck.


Currently used as bad weather shelter for the camels. In the near future short camel rides will be offered. Also a "Kissing Booth" will be established where you can take selfies with your favourite  camel.


Come in and have a cup of coffee with healthy camel milk. Listen to the cameleer and learn about camels: their anatomy, biology, behaviour or tremendous history in Australia.